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G-002 - Fishing Game

Product Code: G-002
Product Name: Fishing Game
Approx. Dimensions:
length width height weight
    30 lb.  

Fishing game includes 5 poles and 10 fishes.

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Fishing Game

Setup a fishing game at backyard with less than $100. Great game for schools, churches, day cares, backyard parties, you name it.

The fish is battery operated with on/off switch. The mouth open and close when the fish swimes. If the magnetic fishing hook cought the fish's mouth, the fish will wiggle just like a live fish does.

Place the BASS into water, The BASS will float after water gets into the body. The fisherman tries to put the bait near the mouth of the BASS to catch it. There are no hooks or nasty worms to deal with here. If the BASS is caught, Its tail will move and shake all about like a real fish! A Magnet is embedded within the bait which triggers the fish to turn on.