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ZB-002 - Human Hamster Ball (TPU)

Product Code: ZB-002
Product Name: Human Hamster Ball (TPU)
Approx. Dimensions:
length width height weight
8 ft. 8 ft.   8 ft.   120 lb.  

Human Hamster Ball. Material: 1.0mm clear* TPU material.

*All other colors may vary. No guarrantee on colors.

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Hamster ball with one entrance hole, can be used on the grass or water.

This unit features two inflatable balls made of a flexible TPU material. The player on the inside of the inner ball tries to move through the water or ground by rolling the ball inside!

The two balls are connected together by several colored cords that make sure the inner ball stays suspended inside the outer ball. An entrance hole on the side fo the ball allows the player to enter and exit easily, and to prevent water, dirt and other foreign objects from entering the ball. 

A Hamster Ball could be the next thing that you need to make that pool party, birthday party, or other special event a success!