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Why Buy From Us

Why Choose Moonwalk USA?

Moonwalk USA carries some of the highest quality, most durable inflatables at a reasonable price. With many durability features built in, our bouncers are all designed for both longevity and safety, so you can be sure that you are getting the most out of what you pay. Our new units all include a one year warranty from issues resulting from workmanship.

All of our inflatables are Fire Retardant and Lead Free, and meet or exceed ASTM and CPSIA standards.

A number of our safety and durability features include:

Finger-Proof Netting prevents injury to players' fingers. Finger Proof Netting is finer compared to standard netting and will prevent players' fingers from getting caught and stuck in the netting of the bounce houses.

Double-Layered Material sewn onto high stress areas such as entrances, pop-ups, and high-wear areas make units more durable and safe. Double-layered material provides additional durability and longevity to our units by distributing stresses onto two layers of material instead of the usual single layer.

Waterlogged inflatables can develop mildew and other problems quickly. On all our water units, a U-Shaped Liner prevents water leakage into the liners. Water drain holes and water release holes are also standard on all our water units to make water drainage easier and to prevent any lingering water from building up inside the unit.

Heat-Sealed Seams on water units seals pinholes in the seams that may leak water. Heat-sealing creates a water-resistant barrier on the seam that repels water to prolong the life of your water unit, making it more durable and reliable.

Our unique Alligator Mouth stitching technique eliminates the high stress point where the wall meets the floor. It is also used to reinforce other high stress areas such as at entrances and exits. Our unique stitching pattern prevents stress from concentrating in one particular area, making the units more durable and reliable for longer.

Double, Triple or Six-Way Box Stitching on all units ensure that our units will be durable and will last. Multiple layers of stitching enhances the durability of the inflatable by reducing the chance of seam failures and tearing. Seams on high traffic areas are then reinforced with nylon strips or webbing to provide even greater strength.

All units sold are stitched with heavy-duty, water resistant, #207 nylon thread to minimize the chances of seam failure due to wear and tear and waterlogging, particularly on water units.