Marquee Tent Sidewalls

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Product Code: FTC-SIDEWALL-1

Product Name: Marquee Tent Sidewalls

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ft ft 8ft 80 lb

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FTC-SIDEWALL-1 Marquee Tent Sidewalls

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Specification Information

PRODUCT NAME: Marquee Tent Sidewalls
DESCRIPTION: A Set of Marquee Frame Tent Sidewalls includes 2 sides of solid wall and 2 sides of wall with window. Available Size: 10'x10', 15'x15', 20'x20', 20'x40', 15'x15'x15' Hexagon, 20'x20'x20' Hexagon. The height of the wall is 8' tall.

A set of Marquee Tent Sidewalls includes four sides-2 solid sides and 2 sides with window.

Material: Tent Sidewalls are made of Commercial grade, 16 oz, Fire Retardant, UV Resistant, Block-Out vinyl material, Frames & Poles are 2.5" anodized aluminum tube, Corner Fitting and Foot Plate are cast aluminum.
Safety: All Moonwalk USA tents use Fire Retardant and UV Resistant vinyl material that meet or exceed the National Fire Protection Association fire resistant standards.


    • Commercial quality 16 oz block-out vinyl material
    • All panels are bonded with 1" heat sealed overlapped seams
    • Two tension cables cross from corner to corner to support the center pole
    • Only 6 poles on the floor to provide a clear open floor space and elegant looking
    • Light n Strong 2.5" anodized aluminum frame
    • Cast aluminum corner fittings and foot plates
    • 8' high legs are standard for all Marquee Tents
    • Fewer parts and poles, easier to setup and take down

Capacity: A 20'x20' Marquee Frame Tent accommodates 40 people for sit down dinners, 50 people for buffet style dinners, or 67 for stand up & cocktail style dinners.

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Your Purchase Includes:

A set of Marquee Tent sidewalls includes four sides-2 solid sides and 2 sides with window.